What we do


The MSA exists under the Alberta Utilities Commission Act with a broad mandate including surveillance, investigation, and enforcement to help ensure fair, efficient, and openly competitive electricity and retail natural gas markets in Alberta.



To assist stakeholders in understanding what we do, the MSA has developed an activity matrix.


Process documents are roadmaps which describe how the MSA carries out different parts of its mandate, including the handling of Applications and Investigations, the making of Guidelines, and other Stakeholder Consultations.

Market Share Offer Control Process
Section 5 of the Fair, Efficient and Open Competition Regulation ("Regulation") requires that the MSA, at least annually, publish certain metrics related to market share offer control. This document sets out the process for this annual publication, including obligations for market participants to provide information to the MSA, and details triggers for mid-year reporting.

Investigation Process
The MSA has the mandate to carry out surveillance and investigation in respect of the supply, generation, transmission, distribution, trade, exchange, purchase or sale of electricity, electric energy, electricity services or ancillary services, or any aspect of these activities, as well as retail natural gas.

Stakeholder Consultation Process

The principles around stakeholder engagement and the common project framework set out in this report are intended to provide this common understanding and to guide the MSA’s actions on public projects.

Compliance Process
Section 39(1)(b) of the AUCA requires that the MSA undertake activities to address contraventions of ISO rules or reliability standards. This document sets out the process followed to review and address such matters beginning with a self report or referral of a matter through to a possible outcome of forbearance, specified penalty, or administrative penalty.