Stakeholder Comments on Market Share Offer Control Process Strawdog Draft

August 11, 2009


Re: Stakeholder Comments on Strawdog Draft –Market Share Offer Control Process

On July 13, 2009 the MSA notified stakeholders that it had commenced a Stakeholder Consultation for its proposed Market Share Offer Control Process.  At that time the MSA published a ‘Strawdog’ draft upon which interested parties were invited to provide comment.

Comments were received from three market participants during the comment period set out in the related Project Schedule.  In accordance with its Stakeholder Consultation Process, the MSA is publishing the comments received on the Strawdog draft.  Those comments can be found through the following link(s):




The MSA is considering the comments received and will formally respond to the comments when it publishes the revised Draft process.  That step is anticipated to occur on August 28, 2009.

The Project Schedule for the Stakeholder Consultation Process will be set out at each stage, and will be updated as applicable.  For clarity, the process is currently in the ‘Develop’ stage and the expected timelines remain those set in the Strawdog.

Interested parties can track this process through the Current Stakeholder Consultations link on the MSA website home page:

The generic Stakeholder Consultation Process can be found on the MSA website through the following link:

We appreciate your participation in these matters.

Yours truly,

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Matt Ayres,
Chief Economist
Market Surveillance Administrator