Administrator Expense Claims

On September 5, 2012, the Government introduced a policy initiative in relation to expense transparency and reporting. The policy is extended to Alberta Public Service employees at the executive manager level. With respect to the MSA, we understand that this policy is intended to apply to the position of Market Surveillance Administrator, the individual appointed by the Minister of Energy to oversee the business and affairs of the Market Surveillance Administrator organization. The policy is effective October 1, 2012 with required reporting on a bi-monthly basis. In accordance with the policy, the MSA will routinely post the expense reports below for the position of Market Surveillance Administrator.




  • December Expense Report (2019-01-23)
  • November Expense Report (2018-12-21)
  • No Expenses for October (2018-11-30)
  • No Expenses for September (2018-10-29)
  • No Expenses for August (2018-09-30)
  • No Expenses for July (2018-08-21)
  • No Expenses for June (2018-07-28)
  • No Expenses for May (2018-06-30)
  • April Expense Report (2018-04-27)
  • March Expense Report (2018-04-06)
  • No Expenses for February (2018-03-31)
  • No Expenses for January (2018-02-28)