Daily Snapshot


A Daily Snapshot report, regarding key market indicators in Alberta’s electricity market, has been published on the Market Surveillance Administrator (MSA) website, each business day. As of May 1, 2010, the MSA has ceased publication of the Daily Snapshot report. Previous issues of this report have been archived and are available on the MSA’s website at http://www.albertamsa.ca/. The Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) now produces a market report, similar to the MSA’s Daily Snapshot report, which is published on the AESO website at http://www.aeso.ca/.

The AESO released a public notice advising of errors in the reported Alberta Internal Load (AIL) between November 18, 2009 and March 12, 2010. These errors have since been corrected in the AESO data archives. AIL data errors were carried through to the MSA’s Daily Snapshot report for the time period in question. The MSA has not revised the affected reports as the error margin was quite low, however does advise participants to consult the AESO website for corrected AIL information.

Daily Snapshot Report:

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